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Prof. Narayanamenon V A (Principal In Charge)

Tel: Office: 0487 2380535

Mob: +91 98474 51632


Dear students,


Welcome to Sree Kerala Varma College. Our college has contributed to the growth and well-being of our democracy, in various capacities through our stellar alumni, since its inception in 1947. Like our great nation that stands for inclusion and diversity, Sree Kerala Varma College will always have a place for you whoever you are and whoever you aspire to be.   

We, at Sree Kerala Varma College, hope to contribute to your life's journey by illuminating your path with comraderie, guidance, knowledge, and a value system for a triumphant quest. Be unapologetic of transcending the beaten path, dare to be your inimitable self, seek excellence in your chosen career, and never stop striving- for success finds those who trust themselves and refuse to quit trying. Be an artist, an orator, a scholar, a scientist, a sportsperson, a writer, and above all, be that wonderful human being you always yearned to be. 

Wishing all of you eager learners the success worthy of you. Make Sree Kerala Varma proud!