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The Department of Political Science was established in the year 1948 for teaching Political Science for Pre-degree students. Prof. T.V.Hariharan was the first faculty and Head of the Department.  In 1968 the Department was upgraded to Degree Department, SKVC was the only college which had an independent Department of Political Science under Calicut University. The first Degree batch Passed out from this department at 1970. The Department was upgraded to a Post Graduate Department in 1982 and the first batch of Post Graduates of Political Science Passed out in 1984. Presently the department is upgraded to a Research Department in 2014.

     The Deparment offers Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programmes on Political Science RegularUG/PG batches and a limited number of Research seats are in the offing. An undergraduate Course have 50 seats per batch and the Post Graduate course have 17 seats per batch. Students of different socio-economic background joins the department.

     Almost every year the Department have Rank holders for both undergraduate and Post Graduate Programmes. The Graduates and Post Graduates from the Department gets selected to prestegious institutions for higher studies like National Universities and Research Institues after graduating from here. Almost every year students of this Department clears NET /JRF conducted by the University Grants Commission.

  • BA Political Science (Sanctioned No. of seats - 50)

Political Science (Main)

World History and General Economics (Complementry)

Human Rights in India (Open Course)

Click here for syllabus: B.A.Political Science Syllabus

  • MA Political Science (Sanctioned No. of seats - 17)
  • Political Science Research 
Course Outcomes
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  1. Dr. C.R. Pramod M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, PDF(2010- )

  2. Dr. Nithya N. R. M.A, Ph.D, PDF-ICSSR (2014- )

  3. Prof Jewel John Alappat, MA(Pol:Sci:, Sociology) BEd(2014- )

  4. Dr. Raimol Ravi K, M.A(Pol:Sci:, Pub:Admin) Ph.D(2014- )

  5. Prof. Arun K.V, M.A, M.Phil,B.Ed.(2014- )

  6. Dr. Sunil Kumar K. M.A, M.Phil, PhD.(2014- )

  7. Prof. Kannan K N, M.A, NET, JRF(2016-)


  1. Prof.T.V. Hariharan. M.A(1948-79)

  2. Prof. K Balakrishnan M.A(1968-97)

  3. Prof. K Vikramadithiyan M.A(1969-2000)

  4. Prof.C.K. Varghese M.A(1970-2001)

  5. Prof K Radhakrishnan M.A (1971-2001)

  6. Prof.Jose V George M.A (1978-2007)

  7. Prof. K.Vijayalakshmi M.A (1981-2006)

  8. Prof. T.R.Kuttikrishnan M.A (1979-2011)

  9. Prof.(Dr) G Sadanandan M.A. M.Phil, Ph.D(1983-2015)

  10. Prof.K B Ravi M.A (1983-2010)

  11. Prof. K Hariharan Pillai M.A (1984-2010)

  12. Shri. Sreekantan Nair. MA, M.Phil (1983-84)

  13. Prof K.B. Mohanan, M.A, M.Phil (1984-2013)

  • P.G.Department of Political Science in collaboration with Insitute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi and Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs has organised a three day UGC sponsored National Seminar on "60 Years of Sino-Indian Interactions: Comprehending the Multifarious Dimensions of Inter-relationship" during 12th, 13th, and 13th December 2011.