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The Department of Malayalam has a history as old as the college and has made commendable contributions towards research in literature and study of Kerala culture. The Malayalam B.O.L degree course which was one of the first courses started in the college was later converted to B.A. Malayalam.The Department has had a number of famous Malayalam scholars as faculty members. Prof. E.K. Naryanan Potty and Prof. P. Appukuttamenon were the first faculty members of the Malayalam Department. Later Prof. N.V. Krishnavariyar and Prof. D. Padmanabanunny joined the department. When Prof. N.V. Krishnavariyar assumed editorship of the coveted Malayalam literary weekly Mathrubhoomi, Prof. M.S. Menon joined as faculty.

Other eminent faculty members like Prof. K.P. Narayna Pishorody, Prof. K. Ramanunny Variyar, Prof. Akavoor Narayanan, Prof. K.P. Sankaran, Dr. V.S. Sharma, Prof. Thiruthikode Prabakaran Nair, Vidwan K. Kunjunny, Prof. K Amminyamma, Prof. K. Balachandran Kartha, Dr. M.M. Purushothaman Nair, Prof. K. Kali, Prof. K. Rajan, Prof. P. Naraya Menon, Dr. Shornur Karthikeyan, Dr. Kalpetta Balakrishnan and Dr. K. Saraswathy, Prof R Gopalakrishnapillai, Prof V G Thampy, Prof P P Saraswathiy, Dr C R Rajagopalan, Dr T R Sivasankaran nair, Dr M V Balakrishnan. As a testimony to the eminence of these faculty members, the UGC has awarded five year professorship tenure after retirement to Prof. E.K. Naryanan Potty and Prof. K.P. Narayna Pishoroty. Prof. P.G. Purshothaman Pillai has also functioned as UGC Professor for sometime.


B A Degree in Malayalam

Sanctioned seats : 30

Core: Malayalam. Complimentary: Sanskrit.

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M A Degree in Malayalam Language & Literature

Sanctioned seats : 20

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Research Degree: PhD in Malayalam Language & Literature   

Dr Rajesh M R  M A, B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., N.E.T.

Assistant Professor

Prof T S  Deepa, M.A., B.Ed. N.E.T.

Assistant Professor

Prof. Priya Varghese, M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.,  N.E.T.

Assistant Professor

Dr Kalamol. T.K. M A, B.Ed. Ph.D, N.E.T.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Brilly Raphael V, MA, M.Phil, Ph.D, NET

Assistant Professor

Dr Girishkumar, M A, B.Ed. M.Phil, Ph.D, N.E.T.

Assistant Professor


Dr. N. Anilkumar (Retd.),

Dr.A. N. Krishnan (Retd. N.S.S. College, Ottappalam),

Dr. K.Krishnakmari (Principal, Sree Vivekananda College, Kunnamkulam),

Dr. N.R.Gramaprakasan (Retd. S.N.College, Nattika),

Dr. G. Ushakumari (KKTM Govt. College, Pullut),

Dr. P.V.Prakasbabu,

Dr. Rajesh M.R.,

Dr. Adarsh C.,

Dr. Girishkumar S.,

Dr. Kalamol T.K.


1.  Dr. P V Prakash Babu

2.Prof. E.K.Narayanan Potty 

2. Prof. K.P.Narayana Pisharody

3. Porf. Appukkuttamenon

4.  Porf. N.V.Krishna Warrier

5. Prof. D.Padmabhanunni

6.  Porf. M.S.Menon

7. Prof. K.Kunjunni

8. Prof. K. Ramanunni Warrier

9. Prof. K.Ammini 

10. Prof. Akavoor Narayanan

11. Prof. Thiruthikkad Prabhakaran Nair

12. Prof. K.P.Sankaran

13. Dr. Shornur Karhikeyan

14. Dr. V.S. Sharma

15. Prof. K. Balachandran Kartha

16. Dr. Kalppetta Balakrishnan

17. Prof. P. Narayana Menon

18. Dr. M.M. Purushothaman Nair

19. Dr. K. Kali

20. Porf. K.I.Rajan

21. Dr. K. Saraswathi 

22. Prof. R.Gopalakrishnan Pillai

23. Dr. T.R.Sivasankaran Nair

24. Prof. V.G.Thampy

25. Prof. P.P. Saraswathy

26. Dr. C.R.Rajagopalan

27. Dr. N.Anilkumar

28. Dr. M.V.Balakrishnan

29. Prof. T.P. Sudhakaran

30. Prof. K.Permalatha

31. Dr. K. Krishnakumari

32. Prof. C.K. Prasannan

33. Prof. E.S.Satheesan


Vaayana pakshacharanam (Reading Day Celebration) on 20-6-2017


Famous Malayalam Novelist, Shortstory Wirter P.Surendran


Literary Club Inauguration on 8-6-2017

Famous Malayalam Poet Balachandran Cullikkad Inaugurating Literary Club by taking class on Changanpuzha's Spandhikkunna Asthimaadam




Malayalam Assosiation Inauguration (20-2-2017)

Malayalam Assosiation Inaugurating by Malayalam Shortstory wirter K. Rekha

Meet the director Alif Sha and film screaning - Oro Puzhayum Kadannu (Environment Film)


Kerala PIravi 2016 (7-11-2016)

Kerala Piravi celebrations - Women Poets Meet - Malayalam Department colloborate with State Public Information Department.


Book Release - Deepa Nisanth's Nananju Theernna Mazhakal (5-9-16)

Nananju teertha mazhakal released by Dr. Kavumbai Balakrishnan and actor Tovino






Three Day National Seminar on Historicity of Literaryness on 13,14, 15 Jaunary 2016. Renowned historian Prof. M.G.S. Narayanan Inagurated the Seminar and Prof. Scaria Sacaria delivered the Key Note. 



Activities -2014- 15

Three Day U G C National Seminar on 'Story Telling - Beyond Aesthetics', February 11,12 & 13, 2015

Sri N S Madhavan Inaugurates the Function


ACTIVITES - 2013-14

Four Day U G C National Workshop on 'Performing Poetry in Malayalam', March 6,7,8 & 9 2014 

Dr NeenaPrasad Inaugurates the function

The Inaugural Address By Dr NeenaPrasad 


KeyNote Address by Dr M V Narayanan 



ACTIVITIES - 2012 - 13


U G C National Media Seminar - 5th & 6th sept 2012



Smt LeelaMenon, Inauguaral address



Inauguration of Malayalam Activities - 2012


Poet Rafeeq Ahamed inaugurates the function


Dr Kavitha Balakrishnan releases the Wall Magazine


A  Poet Meet





Dr N Anilkumar

Prof M N Vijayan


 Prof  Kalppatta Narayanan


 Poet  Balachandran Chullikkad


Poet  K G Sankarapillai