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The college offers 16 Undergraduate Degree programmes in Sciences, Humanities and Languages under the Choice based Credit and Semester System and 8 Post Graduate Programmes. The duration of the U G Degree  Programme will be of six semesters within three academic years  and  Post-Graduate Programme will be four semesters within two academic years. The admission schedule is specified by the Calicut University. Normally, new admissions take place in July-August.
 All the 24 courses in the college are aided courses and are available for fees specified by the government. Eligible students can avail fee concessions and stipends under various government schemes.

  1. B.A Economics (Core Course), Indian Constitution and Politics & Modern Indian History (Complementary Courses), seats: 60

  2. B.A English (Core Course), Social and Cultural History of Britain & World History (Complementary Courses), seats: 20

  3. B.A Functional English (Core Course), Journalism & Study of Fiction (Complementary Courses), seats: 24

  4. B.A Hindi (Core Course), Correspondence and Secretarial Drafting in Hindi & Cultural History of India (Complementary Courses), seats: 20

  5. B.A History (Core Course), Indian Constitution and Politics & General Economics (Complementary Courses), seats: 50

  6. B.A Malayalam (Core Course), sanskrit & keralastudies (Complementary Courses), seats: 20

  7. B.A Sanskrit, (Core Course), History of Sanskrit literature and comparative philology & Scientific Literature, Essay and Translation (Complementary Courses), seats: 30

  8. B.A Philosophy (Core Course), Indian Constitution and Politics & Abnormal Psychology (Complementary Courses), seats: 40

  9. B.A Political Science (Core Course), World History & General Economics (Complementary Courses), seats:50

  10. B Com (Core Course), Managerial Economics (Complementary Courses), seats: 60

  11. B.C.A. (Core Course), seats 24

  12. B.Sc Botany (Core Course), Chemistry & Zoology (Complementary Courses), seats: 27

  13. B.Sc Chemistry (Core Course), Mathematics & Physics (Complementary Courses), seats: 36

  14. B.Sc Mathematics (Core Course), Physics & Statistics (Complementary Courses), seats: 52

  15. B.Sc Physics (Core Course), Mathematics & Chemistry (Complementary Courses), seats: 48

  16. B.Sc Statistics (Core Course), Mathematics & Mathematical Economics (Complementary Courses), seats: 24

  17. B.Sc Zoology (Core Course), Chemistry & Botany (Complementary Courses), seats: 28


Open courses offered by various departments for students of other streams:

1) Film studies (Dept of English), 2) Theater studies (Functional English), 3) Chalachithra patanam (Dept of Malayalam), 4) Management Principles  in Sanskrit (Dept of Sanskrit), 5) Spoken Hindi(Dept of Hindi), 6) Philosophy of Education (Dept of Philosophy), 7) Historical Tourism(Dept of History), 8) Human Rights in India (Dept of Political science), 9) Banking (Dept of Economics), 10) Basic Accounting (Dept commerce), 11) Mathematics for Social Science (Dept of Mathematics), 12) Quality control(Dept of statistics), 13) Non conventional Energy Resources (Dept of Physics), 14)Environmental Chemistry (Dept of Chemistry), 15) Human health and Sex Education (Dept of Zoology), 16)Horticulture & Nursery management (Dept of Botany), 17) Physical Activity Health and Wellness (Dept of Physical Education).




  1. M.A. Malayalam
  2. M.A. English
  3. M.A. Political Science
  4. M.A. Economics
  5. M.A. Sanskrit
  6. M.Sc. Mathematics
  7. M.Sc. Physics
  8. M.Sc. Chemistry
  9. M.Sc. Zoology
  10. M. Com



  1. English 
  2. Malayalam 
  3. Political Science 
  4. Physics