Code of Conduct

Core Values and Code of Conduct

Sree Kerala Varma College as an institution with social responsibility, is committed to establish a suitable platform for all, irrespective of socio-economic barriers, to enable them to enjoy the benefit of learning. The college imparts sense of equality, bisecting the barriers of gender, caste, and creed and to create an atmosphere conducive to intellectual empowerment to the learners. The objective of this institution of higher learning is to shape better individuals with a spirit of service and sacrifice who could engage themselves in meaningful service to the society, contributing for its betterment. Our endeavour will always be to equip students with the necessary tools to initiate character formation, thus making them instrumental in social transformation.

Core Values

  • Purity of mind and deed
  • Equality and Fraternity
  • Respect for and protection of Nature
  • Freedom of choice, speech and expression
  • Social inclusion and commitment

Code of Conduct

Sree Kerala Varma College as an institution of higher learning has always upheld ideals of democracy, freedom, environment sustainability, social inclusivity, and responsibility towards humanity. The staff and students are to observe this commitment and contribute to the cause.

Code of Conduct for Students

Students of Sree Kerala Varma College as responsible members of the community are bound by a rule of conduct to instil in them a respect for their fellow beings and to ensure the smooth functioning of the college.

Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

Sree Kerala Varma College adheres to Kerala Service Rules, the codes of conduct for Aided-College Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff. The staff are to respect the ethics and codes set down by UGC for the teaching and non-teaching staff of higher education institutions.

KSR Handbook by DCE:

UGC Code of Conduct and Ethics: