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The Department of Botany was started in the year 1955, with Prof. K.R. Viswanathan as the Head of the Department. Before this, Sree Kerala Varma College had offered Science as a subject of study from 1953 to 1955, under Mrs. V.P Sulochana as the Head of the Department. Since its inception, 67 batches have passed out of the Department. 

B.Sc. Botany (Sanctined number of seats : 36 )

Complementary Courses: Chemistry and Zoology


Department of Botany

Science Block 

Sree Keralavarma College


Contact-0487 2380535

Contact H.O.D: Prof. Saratchandran A. Divakaran 


Prof. Saratchandran A Divakaran, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, CSIR-NET with JRF (Assistant Professor)


Non Teaching

1. K.Madhava Kumar    -  Gardner

2. Muraleedharan V      - Lab Assiatant

3.Radhakrishnan          - Lab Assistant


Former Faculty


1.(Late) Prof. T. Aravindakshan (1953-1985)

2.(Late) Prof. K R Viswanathan (1955-1987)

3. (Late) Prof. A. Keralavarma (1955-1988)

4. (Late) Prof. P. Viswanathan ((1962-1994)

5.Prof. N. Remabai (1968-1996)

6. Prof.Alice Francis (1969-1998)

7.Prof (Dr). G. Sasi Kumar (1987-2008)

8.Prof. V Ajith Kumar (1981-2014).

9. Prof (Dr). Sheela Francis K (1987-2017)

10.Prof. Meena Kumari K (1985-2018)



1. Late Sri. Kochappu (Lab Attender)

2. Late Sri. Kittunni Nair (Lab Attender)

3. Late Sri. Sankarankutty Nair (Lab Attender)

4. Late Sri. Goda Sarma  (Lab Attender)

5. Late. Sri. Gopalakrishnan Nair (Lab Attender)

6. Smt. P. Latha Devi  (Herbarium Keeper)  

7. Smt. P. Ambika (Lab Attender)

8. K. Mohandas  (Lab Attender)

9. P.M. Unnikrishnan (Lab Attender)

10. C.V. Ajaykumar (Herbarium Keeper)  


1.National Seminar on Biodiversity - 14th to 15th December 2010

2.Environmental day Celebrations - Prof. T Aravindaksha Panicker- June 5, 2011

3. Talk on Neuroscience - Mr. Praveen, Bengurien University, Israel - 2012

4. Talk on Expedition to Antartica -  Dr. Mujeeb Rahman - 2012

5. Talk on Medicinal Plants for Primary Health Care- Dr. K.S. Rajithan, Oushadi Hospital Thrissur - 18 October 2013

6. Talk on Biodiversity Conservation- Mr. Harikumar, WWF Resourse person- 7 march 2013

7. Talk on Medicinal Plants and Therapeutics - Dr. S. Shanker, Scientist KFRI,Thrissur - 11 November 2014

8. Talk on Antioxidant and Anti inflammatory Potential of Important medicinal Plants - Dr. K.K. Sreenivasan, Karnataka - 11 March 2015

9. Talk on Antibiotics - A Bane on Boon? - Dr. G. Sreejith, Manipal University- 11 March 2015

10. One day Work shop on Organic Farming- K.P. Illyas, Kerala Jaiva Karshaga Samidi- 5 June 2015

11. A join Program by Homi Baba Centre For Science Education, TIFR Mumbai, Botany and Zoology Depts. SKVC- 4th to 5th August 2015

12. Talk on Philosophical Basis of Biological Science - Dr. Sunil, IIT New Delhi - 20 October 2015

13.Talk on Biopesticides - Dr. Usha K.E., Kerala Agricultural Unvsty.- 17 December 2015

14. Talk on Carrier Guidance - Dr. Latha G. Menon, Neuroscientist Harward Medical School, USA.- 12 February 2016

15. Workshop on Herbal Drinks preperation - Mrs. Usha M.T., NGO - 21 March 2016

16. Talk on Immune Mechanism against Infectious Diseases - Dr. Vinod Pallath, University of Malaya, Malayasia - 29 August 2016

17. Talk on Genome Conservation - Dr. Sulochana P.V., Deputy Director of  Agriculture- 30 January 2017

18. Environment Day celebration and talk on "Connecting People to Nature"- Dr. Sudha K.S.- 5 June 2017

19.Talk on Life Style Diseases - Cancer - Dr. Manjusha Menon, MD- 30 June 2017

20. Talk on " Adult Stem Cells as Drug Delivary System"- Dr. Latha G. Menon, Neuroscientist Harward Medical School, USA.- 1 August 2017



Book release- 'Medicinal Plants of Sree Kerala Varma College'  written by Dr. Sheela Francis

A talk on 'Career guidance' by Dr. Latha G.Menon, Hardvard University, U.S.A 

                                                    World Environmental day celebrations

                                                               Medicinal Garden plantation

 PHYTOFEST- Introduction of Plant World (Exhibition)


                                        PHYTOFEST- Introduction of Plant World (Exhibition)

                                      WORKSHOP ON ORGANIC FARMING

                               WORKSHOP ON HERBAL DRINK PREPARATION


                                                                          FOOD FEST