Sree Kerala Varma College was established on 11 August 1947, four days before independence. The Department of Mathematics exists since the establishment of the college. The department is blessed with the invaluable service of Prof. C S Venkataraman, a renounded mathematician and was the first head of the department. The department offers undergraduate courses since 1947 and post graduate courses since 1965. 

B.Sc. Mathematics (Sanctioned No. of seats : 52)

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M.Sc. Mathematics (Sanctioned No. of seats : 22)

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Program Outcomes
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Prof. V K Rajakumar, M.Sc.

Prof. Betty John, M.Sc, M.Phil

Prof. Harish V N, M.Sc, M.Phil, NET

Prof. Viji A M, M.Sc, M.Phil, NET

Prof. Dr. Krishna M, M.Sc, Ph.D

Prof. Dhanya V Mukundan, M.Sc, NET with JRF

Prof. Smruthi S, M.Sc, M.Phil, NET 

Mr. Vineed S Menon, M.Sc.


          Dr C S Venkataraman (1947-79)

Prof P S Parameswaran (1954-86)

Prof E N Radha (1955-87)

Prof K I Vasu

Prof Prabhakaran

Prof Kanippayur Krishnan Namboodiri

Prof V Gopinathan (1967-2000)

Prof E P Ramachandran (1968-2000)

Prof Santha Kesavan (1967-98)

Prof P Unnikrishnan (1968-2000)

Prof K Sethulakshmi (1969-2000)

Prof C C Vijayan (1975-2003)

Prof A N Ramakrishnan (1979-95)

Prof P M Rema

Prof K Santha (1980-2011)

Prof K V Sujani (1981-2014)

Prof Pravas K

Prof K R Francis (1986-2016)


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A Tribute to Prof. C S Venkataraman


Prof. C. S. Venkataraman (1918–1994), popularly known as CSV, was a Mathematician from Kerala, India. He specialised in the Theory of numbers and his forte was the Theory of Arithmetc Functions.

C.S.V served the cause of mathematics teaching well during his long career as a teacher at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur. He enjoyed teaching to students at lower levels. He motivated his students properly and he was in the habit of drawing illustrations from every day life while introducing new concepts. C.S.V was a member of Indian Mathematical Society ever since 1945. It was C.S.V who represented Kerala at conferences and meetings for a long time. C.S.V took pleasure in pursuing mathematics and in particular number theory. He derived a new identity for multiplicative functions of two variables. Vaidyanatha Swami’s identity for multiplicative functions which appeared in Trans.Amer. Math Soc. in 1931 can be deduced from that of C. S. V..He was awarded PhD degree by Madras university in 1952 for his thesis entitled ‘Contributions to the theory of multilplicative functions’.Dr. A.C.Vasu and Dr. R.Sivaramakrishnan were his doctoral students.


C.S.V’s tenure of office (1947-79) at this college was a golden era of the mathematics department. He didn’t accept principal ship as that would deprive him of his passion to do mathematics teaching. CSV passed away on 16 th of March 1994.

CSV Trust : His children, well wishers and former colleagues have formed a trust in his memory which organizes several programmes to promote mathematics. Prof. CSV memorial prizes are awarded to the toppers of the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (Kerala) . Endowment lectures are being arranged in the annual conferences of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society since 1995.


  • Organized  "Gurupooja" send off to Prof K R Francis on 5 February 2016.
  • Conducted State Level Inter Collegiate Mathematics Quiz Competition on 7 January 2016 in association with B.Sc. Mathematics 2001-04 Batch. 
  • Conducted a UGC sponsored Three Day National Level Workshop on Geometry Through Linear Algebra and Calculus (GLAC 2015) during 29,30,31 October 2015.
  • Conducted a seminar for M.Sc. Mathematics students on 24 January 2015 in association with EPSILON SKVCMAA, Mathematics Alumni Association of the department.
  • Every year general body meeting of Mathematics Alumni Association is conducted in the month of January.
  • Every year Mathematics Association of the college conduct various programmes.

Lt. Cdr. Prof. K Gopalakrishnan, Associate Professor, MES Kalladi College Mannarkkad

delivers a lecture on Introduction to Aryabhatiyam on 25 January 2017

Gurupooja and send off to Prof K R Francis on 5 February 2016


Prof Dr A J Parameswaran, Dean, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, delivering lecture on Geometry during the UGC sponsored National Workshop on Geometry through Linear Algebra and Calculus on 31 October 2015.


Prof Albert Antony T, Assistant Professor, PMG College, Chalakudy delivers a lecture entitled "Applications of Density Theorem"  in collaboration with Mathematics Alumni Association in 24 January 2015.


Prof. V K Rajakumar, HOD inaugurating wall magazine - GOOGOLE



Adv. Therambil Ramakrishnan inaugurating general body meeting of Mathematics Alumni Association on 29 January 2017



Brochure of National Workshop GLAC 2015



State Level Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition held on 7 January 2016. Quiz master

Dr. T Reji (Assistant Professor, Govt College, Chittur) sitting in the middle.

Sri P Rajasekharan, Engineer, Qatar Petroleum delivers a talk on History of Kerala School of Mathematics with Special Emphasis to Yukthibhasha on 7 November 2012.