Johns K Mangalam

Dr. Johns K Mangalam




Assistant Professor



Courses presently handled: 

B.A Philosophy all subjects

Area of Interests: 

Social Work, De-addiction of Alcoholics


"Kuduyante Kumbasaram"- Confessions of an Alcoholic,'Madyaparariju Kudui Nirutham'-Drinking can be stopped, knowingly ,and "Malayaliyude Aasakthikal" മലയാളികളുടെആസക്തി DESIRES OF MALAYALI are the three Books written by Dr Johns K,Mangalam and all are published by D.C.BOOKS, KOTTAYAM.


Dr Johns K Mangalam, is the Managing Trustee of the organization Punarjani He is now the.H .O.D of Philosophy, at Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, "Punarjani" is more than a de-addiction centre. It has brought back hundreds of patients who have been victims of addiction for intoxicating liquors. Dr Johns himself has been an addict, who after many trials came back to life from the boozy world of liquors. It is his personal experience in life that made him the Healer and Philosopher more than his formal and academic education. Dr Johns is the son of a teacher, who was a drunkard till his death. At the age of 56 he died and handed over the lamp of Alcoholism to his elder son Dr Johns. He was born at Poomala in the year 1962. His native place was a village, immigrated by the people from Thiruvithamkoor from 1940s. It is his wonderful escape from total degeneration due to intoxicants that made him to form a Charitable Organization for the recovery of Alcoholics,". For those who want to come back to life from the fatal disease Alcoholism, Punarjani is a last hope.


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