Sree Kerala Varma College is the first educational institution in Kerala to open an HEPSN (Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs) Enabling Unit. Sree Kerala Varma welcomes every year the largest number of students with special needs for higher education in Kerala.

     Prof. N.R. Anilkumar started this endeavor and served as co-ordinator till his retirement in March 2013. He also played an instrumental role in securing a separate building from the Cochin Devaswom Board and getting it furnished for the functioning of HEPSN. The new building was inaugurated on January 21, 2014 by the renowned actor, Rima Kallingal, who also contributed generously to the cause. The HEPSN centre has three desktop computers, a netbook, and a printer-scanner-copier, facilitated under UGC support for the enabling unit, for the use of the special students.

      The enabling unit also offers Spoken English classes, PSC Coaching and computer literacy programmes to the students. With the support of the teachers and students of the college, the centre was able to provide a number of digital recorders to the visually challenged students to aid them in their studies. The centre also arranges scribes with the help of the students, especially NSS volunteers, to enable the special students to appear for their exams. The enabling unit was allotted 25 computers to set up a lab for the special students provided the college finds a place to house the lab.

       Our proud alumni include Mr. Ramakrishnan, Director, Helen Keller Institute; Mr. Binu, HSA, Pala; Mr. Subodh, Naval Base; and Mr.Tobio (Ist Rank Holder in M.A.Politics), HSA.

Co-ordinator: Prof.K.M. Geetha, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Assistant Co-ordinator: Prof. Aiswarya S.Babu, Department of English


Number of Students in 2014-2015: 33

Number of Students in 2013-2014: 44