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अस्तु  वृत्तं  शुभं  सदा ।  ("Asthu vrutham Shubham sadaa" - Pure be my life for ever)

Founded in 1947 by His Highness Sree Kerala Varma, and governed at present by the Cochin Devaswom Board, Sree Kerala Varma College (affiliated to the University of Calicut) is one of the most well known academic institutions in Kerala. Located in a vast lush green campus, only 3 kms away from the heart of Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, Sree Kerala Varma College is the biggest arts and science college under the University of Calicut.

Blessed with rich flora and fauna, this campus offers the seekers of knowledge 8 Post Graduate and 16 Under Graduate programmes besides hosting 3 Research Centres (Malayalam, English and Political Science). An excellent academic team from various faculties (including 40 Ph.D. & 25 M.Phil. degree holders) heads the academic activities. Fully equipped with amenities like centralized library, science and language laboratories, hostels for boys and girls, SKVC also is vibrant with a creative and socially committed campus having N.C.C., N.S.S., Nature Club, Film Club, Drama Club, Fine Arts Club, and Travel & Tourism Club.

This prestigious institution which is the alma mater of multitudes who have made their mark in various fields, was awarded the highest grade A by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council in 2009 for its meritorious performances and contributions.

The motto “Asthu Vrittam Subham Sada” (Pure be my Life for Ever) envisaged by the former Maharajah of Cochin, is the vision leading light and constant source of inspiration.  The college endeavours to preserve the best traditions of liberal higher education, ensuring full freedom of expression to encounter multifarious ideological preoccuptions.  In both curricular and co curricular activities, the college aims at bringing out the best talents of the students.

The college has taken up the mission with full commitment to bring up the students hailing from semi urban and rural areas, with poor socio-economic backgrounds, on a par with those from better endowed urban areas.  The college seeks to make the students competent to face the challenges of modern world with full confidence and social commitment.